I survived cancer...
and this is my Victory Story!

Nick Koulouvaris

I was told in 2002 that I had esophageal cancer and had only 3 months to live. But, I survived cancer! Because of the pain and suffering that I, my family, and friends went through, I want to help anyone who has, or had cancer.The first thing you should know is that cancer is NOT, a death sentence. To this end, I have created a website to tell you my story, and give you all the information that I have discovered about cancer, to make your journey less traumatic.

I survived cancer using integrated medicine, which is working with your doctor combined with supportive complimentary medicine. On my website, you can find some of the information I have gathered about cancer, along with information from different sources, including cancer patients and cancer survivors.

I have provided a list of doctors from different fields and specialties, who have volunteered to contribute information or medical treatments that may help you. I realize how important it is to get positive support, in your time of need; therefore, I have included a support group of people who have survived cancer using integrated medicine, just as I did.

I am also writting a book and have created a DVD that will enable people to give valuable information to their family and friends, who are suffering from cancer. If you wish to contribute any information, support, or tell your story of how you survived cancer, please contact me and become part of our special network.

Thank you and God bless!

Nick Koulouvaris